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Hello, World

I'm Nathan. Since you're here, I might as well try to explain to you what in the hell you're looking at. In short, this monstrosity is my website (duh...), but, more interestingly (perhaps), it's the medium through which I plan to share things. Things? Yes, things. Things like songs, [1] for example, but that's not all. [2]

Anyway, before I kick off this dance party or mosh or whatever it's going to be, I'd like to take a moment to nerd-out and mention that this website was built using a static site generator I created using Python. [3] If you'd like to read the code on GitHub or you'd like to report a bug, contact me. All right, now let's get on with it.


[0] “Hello, World!” / Sanity Test

[1] Once upon a time I fancied myself a musician, of sorts, but to end this short story I'll just say that I never really managed to share my songs with the world before, but that's about to change.

[2] No, that's not all. In addition to songs, I will, apparently, be posting intermittent ramblings with odd footnotes.

[3] To the extent that it's enjoyable, I like to do things myself.

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