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Mastering & A Side-Project

So, today I'm giving up my habit of only posting to this blog once every three months. From now on, I'll post whenever I feel like there's something noteworthy to share—which, I expect, will be more often than once every three months. My thinking, if you're curious, is that posting more often will help to keep me engaged and moving towards accomplishing my goal of releasing an album.

So, anyway, today I have two things to share.

First off, I recently tried using mastering software on some of my songs for the first time, and I'm really glad I did it sooner than later because it revealed some problems with my mixes that I will need to fix before I master my songs for real. If you've never tried mastering your recordings before, I recommend you do it ASAP to see how it affects your mixes. Obviously, there is more than one way to master a recording, but that's exactly why you should try out using at least one of the many different mastering applications out there so you can see what it does to your music. Trust me when I say that if you try out a mastering app you'll learn a lot about what does, and doesn't work in your mixes.

The second bit of news I have to share is that I've taken on a side-project that will hopefully complement my album-making project. This side-project involves repurposing an old pair of home stereo speaker cabinets [1] for use as a pair of 2 x 10" guitar cabinets. I'm doing this project for fun, and because I think it will prove to be a good and affordable way to expand the number of guitar speaker sounds I'll have at my disposal going forward. If all goes according to plan with this project, I'll end up with two 2 x 10" guitar cabinets wired in a way that will allow me to play through any single speaker on its own, or in combination with any one of the other speakers in these cabinets, or in combination with any other 8Ω cabinet for that matter. [2] For these cabinets, I'm planning to use one Celestion G10 Greenback, one Celestion G10 Vintage, one Eminence Lil’ Buddy, and one Eminence Legend 1058. If, for some reason, I'm not liking the Lil’ Buddy or the Legend 1058, I'll also have the option to try out an Eminence Ramrod in place of one of them.

[1] If you're curious, I'll be repurposing a pair of Sansui SP-100 speaker cabinets that I bought for twenty bucks.

[2] Each of my guitar amps (one Vox and one Orange) can play through a 4Ω load.

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