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And Now It’s Winter

Welp, I didn't get either of the jobs I mentioned last time, so it looks like I'll be staying where I am and reluctantly paying more to live here; lucky me. Seriously, though, living here in the winter sucks—mainly because the house I'm in isn't really made for cold weather (it's more of a summer cabin), but also because power outages here aren't uncommon. I might need to start seriously considering the option to transfer to another work location where I'd have more housing options. I guess I'm waiting to request a transfer because moving is such a pain in the ass, and because I'd probably end up in an apartment and not a house. I'm very conflicted about this whole silly situation.

On a more positive note, I bought a new microphone after the Black Friday sales started. It sounds pretty great, and using it makes mixing vocals much easier. Alas, now I just need to get better at singing.

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