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Reigniting The Fire

It's time for an update, I suppose. First, the bad. In January, I used up most of my vacation time in hopes of working on music and moving things forward. Well, things didn't go well. Almost all of my efforts ended up in a newly created “Failed Attempts” folder; one thing I was messing with didn't even make it that far. Pathetic. Then, at the beginning of February I caught a virus or something (not COVID) and I more or less felt lousy for the rest of the month.

Since last time, things haven't been all bad, though. For example, after talking with a coworker and learning that he has a record label, I've realized that I need to finish what I've started—and that's a good thing. In other words, I've realized that I need to finish the album I've been working on and I need to release it before the end of the year. I guess learning that a coworker has a record label helped to reignite the fire under my ass. We'll see.

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